Highway Maintenance (Basic Introduction to Road Works)

Aim: This course is aimed at people wanting to come into road works and construction industry and would hopefully help them gain employment. If trainees successfully complete the course they will be certificated.

Duration: Normally 4 weeks training.

Requirements: Candidates/trainees must attend with proper protective clothing.

Note: Trainees should be capable of taking part in practical work. This course is also suitable for people in permanent employment.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction to award, registration and (RACT’s policies).

2. Health and Safety & (manual handling).

3. Cable avoidance equipment.

4. Signing lighting and guarding.

5. Structures and types of roads or footpaths.

6. Basic setting out of road works.

7. Excavations, backfill and reinstatement.

8. Basic equipment and plant used in roads industry (stop, starting and operations of plant).

9. Block paving practical work.

10. Reinstatement practical work.

Course summary and assessment feedback.

If you would like more information on the Highway Maintenance (Basic Introduction to Road Works) training course, please contact us.