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HAUC Training Supervisors

Aim: To help prepare supervisors for assessment of the New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA). This training will assist them in passing hauc awards; they will then be given the certification to allow them to work within the public utilities industry.

Duration: 5 days.

Requirements: Candidates/trainees must attend with the proper protective clothing. It is preferred that trainees have at least some basic knowledge of road works.

Note: Trainees should be capable of taking part in practical work.

Course Contents:

1. Enrolment.

2. Introduction to SQA awards.

3. New Roads & Street Works Act.

4. Introduction to cable location equipment (unit 1).

5. Practical session.

6. Review of day (summary).

7. Safety at street works & road works (unit 10).

8. Practical session signing and traffic light operations.

9. Road types and construction layers.

10. Excavation theory (unit 11).

11. Review of day (summary).

12. Backfill theory (unit 12).

13. Field test & practical session.

14. Summary of assessment requirements (units 12, 13).

15. Bituminous material theory (units 14).

16. Review of day (summary).

17. Block paving modular surfaces (unit 16).

18. Review of all previous sections and assessments.

19. Open session for trainees to clear up any problem areas they have prior to assessment.

20. Start assessments with candidates.

Note: Highlight H.A.U.C. specification book during each unit and discuss the book throughout the training. Provide clear and accurate feedback.

If you would like more information on the HAUC Training Supervisors course, please contact us.

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