Introduction To Manual Handling and Basic Risk Assessment

Aims: An introduction to the correct principles of lifting, for those who are regularly involved in the lifting or movement of objects during their course of work. Also to provide and raise an awareness of problems caused by poor lifting techniques, and introduce basic methods of assessment of loads prior to their movement.

Duration: 1 day.

Requirements: Trainees must attend with proper protective clothing.

Note: Trainees should be capable of taking part in practical exercises.

Course Contents:

1. The law (manual handling regs).

2. Work place health & safety & welfare.

3. Manual handling operations regs, 1992.

4. Kinetic handling.

5. Disorders caused by incorrect handling.

6. Basic risk assessment prior to lifting.

7. Reducing the risks.

8. Practical exercises.

9. Safety check lists.

10. Remember! The task, the load, the environment, the individual’s capabilities.

Course Summary: Manual Handling Operations.

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