Roads and Highways Safety Officer Award – SCQF

Roads and Highways Safety Officer (mandatory units)

Unit Ref

Unit Title

Credit Value


Road Deterioration



Inspection Regimes



Public Utilities Work



Reports and Claims


Total Mandatory Units = 8 Credits

Total Minimum Credits for the Award: Roads and Highways Safety Officer

(8 Credits)

Roads and Highways Inspector

(12 Credits)

All Units have been validated based on standard SQA procedures, including a review by representatives and working with Local Authority representatives of the Roads and Highways Sector, external to the Steering Group.

The Certificate in Roads and Highways Safety Officer is a theoretical and practical based qualification which requires candidates to spend the majority of their time in a workplace location.

The Award is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to allow you to improve and enhance your employment role as a Roads Safety Officer within the Roads and Highways industry, or to progress to a higher level qualification.

Occupations are available with a wide variety of Roadwork’s and Highways sector companies and within the Roads and Highways industry.

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